Professionalism and Passion in the products and services we provide.

Diamond Stone Technologies was established in 2007 to innovate and improve upon existing stone cutting technologies with the ultimate goal of providing our customers the highest quality stone extraction and fabrication diamond segmented tools. We deliver on this promise every day by employing a team of outstanding people who have a depth of experience, passion, and dedication to this industry.

Their depth of knowledge and experience in diamond segmented tools and belts, natural stone industry processes, design and engineering, and manufacturing differentiates Diamond Stone Technologies from all competitors.

Our development, production, and manufacturing facilities in limestone-rich Southern Indiana have quickly grown to over 40,000 sq. ft. to better serve any size Quarry or Fabrication operation in North America. Contact us today and learn how the people of Diamond Stone Technologies are dedicated to make products and services that make your business more efficient and productive.

About Diamond Stone Technologies
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